15 December 2010

note your wishes

i have recently done with my work the 50 sets of sml notebooks and want to share them with you. In the meantime, i'm still thinking of crafting package for these notebooks. want to keep the package simple, but "wowww"...


09 November 2010

a joy to give gift

christmas approaching, so does new year comes!....time of the year that i consider the happiest of holidays.

one year, instead of taking time out counting minutes down with friends, i realized it was not that horrible to stay home alone on a night of year-end watching blinking lights on my snow white christmas tree. it is just another mode of happiness in serene.

one of the things i love this holiday is to put in my now white christmas tree that my old friend gave to me long time ago and decorate it with mini-blinking lights and garlands all around, down up to the top.

i do collect giftboxes i received from friends and families. keep them well wrapped and ribbons tied as they were and every year i placed them beneath the christmas tree. now it has come alive and inspired my crafting practices.

08 November 2010

the tweet concerto

pouring rain everyday in bangkok for the past month, but hard to compare with up-country full of flood and hassle. feel deeply sorry for them...

nature can be touched, however softly with care and appreciation. i do love touching nature in all aspects. through eyes over a rainbow after rain, also ears a tweet with sunrise in the morning.  now i crafted its bliss. i could feel a handful of rich soil on unbleached brown paper. no surprise i could hear a tweet out of it...then a concerto of it...in nature.... we trust....

18 October 2010

one of a kind

used paper bag, gift wrap, poster, magazine and even newspaper all around you ain't useless anymore and these has inspired me of the craftsmanship i could ever think of. imagine yourself carrying a pocket-size notebook in pattern of Paul Smith stripes from your shopping bag or a kiddy gift wrap showing a chain stitch instead of spine. it's one of a kind....don't you think?