01 December 2011



yesterday i have learned the word "bellisima" from a friend of mine. she is a charming guatemala mid-age lady. bellisima in her topic of our conversation is a series-drama, in which the main actress leads the whole story. she is incomparable beautiful.

thus, i named my new handmade notebook "bellisima" and i hope you agree with me.

21 March 2011

Call for Precious

couldn't wait to share an amazing collection of precious notebooks that i had found at "treasury" of "residenz musuem" in münchen.  these eclectic craftsmanship in all details reminded me of nowadays vintage fashion.  uncountable gold, silver, gemstones, etc. together collaborated in pattern to decorate the book cover, spine, belt, bookmark and even pen (or writing tool).  made me wonder the gold and silver paper sheet if shown in opened book.

from what i have been told these notebooks are too delicate to leave it opened and for s..... reasons the personal history has been told on each page.

such a schön inspiration and a must-share experience.  enjoy!!

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