29 February 2012

Water Hyacinth Handmade Clutch

water hyacinth, a beautiful plant with a pretty flower that can go really fast in a warm weather, tropical country like thailand and as it spreads so fast we can almost see it grow. it likes still water and enjoys sunshine and heat at 85º+ but will do well in shade. it creates dense free floating mats and can root in the mud if necessary to live. it is however considered as an invasive nuisance as its"clogging" behavior the water surface of ponds or rice fields.

in the past, they have tried to limit its spread with organic/biological and chemical controls, but nowadays some creative hands can turn the plant into a fashionable bag. they use the bole of water hyacinth by cutting the leaf and also the flower, then it is dried into the sun until the color is light brown or yellow.

these clutches are hand woven with matching color fabric liner and zip close. The strap on the end conveniently connects around your wrist.

source: ingwerminze.com at 39 euro

24 February 2012

Pet Parade

i just can't resist to play with these animal figures. they are too adorable and i could have gone far to see them pop-up out of the notebook cover. thus, it ends up like this. smile for them!